Who Needs Fractional/SALESvp?

  • A company that is growing and/or changing and needs strategic assistance with sales and business development, marketing insight and overall sound business judgment. The size of the company can be a very wide range. The important concept here is that by utilizing the expertise of a highly skilled, experienced SALES VP, a small business can begin the journey towards becoming a large company.
  • A company of any size in need of targeted sales skills that it does not possess on staff. This might be related to the launching a new product line or initiative, or even understanding why a previously profitable business has begun to encounter financial struggles. Even the largest companies in the world hire short-term experts to analyze problems that they do not understand.
  • A start-up or small company who needs intensive sales and marketing assistance to set up marketing, as well as sales processes and procedures, but has not yet developed the business enough to require a full-time SALES VP.
  • A company looking to outsource critical sales processes. This can become especially useful when a long-term SALES VP is leaving a company. By using the expertise of someone trained to quickly assess and resolve issues, the company can continue to operate at full speed until it finds a new full-time SALES VP or develops a sales structure that the Fractional SALES VP can support as a permanent consultant and sales manager.

Given these parameters, any company in the country could use the services of a Fractional/SALESvp if they want to resolve problems and grow the business.