A Fractional/SALESvp is a key business partner of the Chief Executive Officer of a SMB, providing strategic sales and marketing support for a business on a less than full-time basis. The Fractional/SALESvp becomes an interim or part-time Sales Vice President who is contracted for specific, strategic revenue support. They are typically highly skilled professionals with backgrounds that span multiple decades of sales, marketing and operational experience. They become an integrated part of the management team, bringing better sales understanding to everyone on the team in virtually any industry.

These individuals usually command a salary that makes them unaffordable to most companies. Throw in the benefits of an executive position and it can begin to make a significant impact on the bottom line. There are almost 30 million businesses in this country and most of those simply cannot justify hiring a full-time SALES VP. However, engaging a Fractional SALESVP makes the benefit of having such an experienced SALES VP affordable for these companies.

Engagements can be as short as a project taking only a few days or weeks to a permanent monthly engagement agreement. Most engagements begin with an assessment of the issues introduced by management, followed up by a proposal for what work is believed to be necessary. Long-term engagements are created when the company’s executive leadership has determined that the knowledge and assistance of the Fractional/SALESvp will continue to benefit the company in perpetuity.

What is Fractional/SALESvp?