• Evaluate current sales team, provide sales coaching, training and accountability. Conduct sales meetings. Increase sales performance and results.
  • Development of sales metric reports. Dashboards and management reports can be much more relevant and helpful to the executive team at a company than financial statements, since they are designed to answer questions that relate directly to specific revenue opportunities of the business. These reports can relate to business divisions or segments, products or services, as well as sales personnel. By receiving reports designed to assist managers with their decisions on a timely basis, the decisions will invariably improve.

The key aspects of the Fractional/SALESvp’s value to a company are that they help grow profitable sales.

There are literally millions of businesses that could benefit tremendously from the services of a Fractional/SALESvp, but do not know they need the help, do not believe they can afford the help, or do not even know that the option exists.  Although this is not everything that is possible, here are some of the typical services that our Fractional/ SALESvp solution might provide to a SMB:

  • Support executive leadership to develop Go-To-Market Strategies that can guide your business through the new business development jungle.
  • Develop a consistent and repeatable Sales Process.
  • Implement a CRM solution and customize it to your sales process and get your sales team to adopt the CRM solution.
  • Manage lead pipeline. Explore additional sales opportunities and help salespeople close sales.
  • Develop of a dynamic sales forecasting model that allows the management team a view of the future and the potential of answering “what if” questions before critical decisions are made. No one can predict the future with complete certainty, but having the advantage of knowing the impact of multiple realistic and possible sales opportunities before they close is a powerful tool to help guide a company through this uncertainty.​

What Fractional/SALESvp Offers