​​​​​​A talent development strategy takes a conscious approach to managing, developing and retaining your crucial sales asset. World Class Sales Organizations distinguish themselves by their ability to hire the right talent, thereby reducing first year hiring fails. This is documented by 77 percent of World Class Sales Organizations: 

Maximizing Your Sales Talent

Territory Management

​​​​​​Territory management is the practice of assigning geographic areas or groups of customers to sales professionals with the goal of developing and nurturing customer relationships while optimizing sales to meet or exceed quota.

Sales Performance Tips

As part of their annual sales revenue plan, Chief Sales Officers (CSOs) are usually required to create a capacity plan that includes onboarding for new hires and those new to the role. The speed with which sales professionals achieve full productivity plays an important part in determining the organization’s ability to reach its sales goals. Time-to-productivity is the key sales metric used to measure the sales organization's ability to execute the critical onboarding process.

Onboarding: Improving Time To Productivity