Miller Heiman Group Sales Solutions®

Manage Relationships

Visual Snapshot of Your Funnel

Hiring Solutions to Build Outstanding Sales Teams

Fact-driven Sales Management and Coaching Solutions

Staffing | Assessing | Planning | Developing

People and Organization

Miller Heiman Sales Process Enablement Through CRM Integration

Enabling | Reinforcing | Aligning | Operating

Operations and Enablement

Implementing Customized Funnel Management

Driving sales process adoption through coaching to increase use of effective communication behaviors

Opportunity Evaluation and Loss Review Process

Advancing Adoption of the Strategic Selling® Process

Management Execution

Leading | Managing | Engaging | Adopting | Evaluating

Strategic Planning for Protecting and Growing Key Accounts

Improve Channel Sales Productivity and Drive Channel Revenue Growth

Optimizing Results from Indirect Distribution

Servicing | Partnering | Planning

Win-Win Sales Negotiations that Strengthen Customer Relationships

Comprehensive Strategy for Complex Sales

Comprehensive Strategy for Winning Government Business

Advanced applications that will expand the expertise and effectiveness of the sales professional to win complex sales

Manage Opportunities

Resourcing | Pursuing | Discovering | Solving | Influencing | Negotiating | Closing | Delivering

Strategy for Securing Executive Approval

Effective Contact Strategy for Generating Quality, High Value Appointments

Optimizing Every Interaction with Customers

Advanced applications that will expand the expertise and effectiveness of the sales professional to develop customer focused interactions

Strategizing | Targeting | Prospecting | Scoping | Qualifying

Create Opportunities

The Miller Heiman Group Sales Solutions® is a way for our clients to organize their thoughts, challenges and strategies. As a result, we can have more productive dialogues to determine how we can deliver the greatest results to your sales organization. Developed with the customer as the central design point, The MHI Global Sales Solutions® is our exclusive framework of processes, tools and services that help sales leaders diagnose issues and drive sales performance. 

​Through our disciplined processes, you’ll be better able to effectively create opportunities, manage those opportunities, and manage ongoing client relationships. Our Sales System provides a blueprint for analyzing opportunities and accounts, preparing strategies, identifying specific actions, and managing accountabilities and timelines needed to execute the strategy.  The MHI Global Sales Solutions® is our framework to diagnose issues for our clients and to organize our solution portfolio. Our Sales System drives sales performance through disciplined processes to effectively create and manage opportunities and manage relationships. This involves analyzing deals and accounts, preparing strategies, and identifying specific actions, accountabilities and timelines needed to execute the strategy.

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