Sales Compensation and Performance Management Survey 

The data used for this analysis were gathered as part of CSO Insights’ 7th Annual Sales Compensation & Performance Management study. As part of this research effort, CSO Insights surveyed over 250 companies worldwide collecting information from over 70 sales compensation and performance management related metrics. The graphs in this report reflect the aggregated results from the study participants.

Sales Enablement Optimization Study

To further understand how sales enablement is evolving and to determine the best practices for ensuring sales enablement has the best possible impact on sales results, CSO Insights launched our inaugural Sales Enablement Optimization Study in 2015. We used that report to present our definition of what this discipline should entail within a company:  

Sales Force Enablement: A strategic, cross-functional discipline designed to increase sales results and productivity by providing integrated content, training, and coaching services for salespeople and frontline sales managers along the entire customer’s journey, powered by technology.

Sales Research Studies & CSO

Sales Performance & Productivity Study

Sales organizations prepare for their strategic planning process in the fall. Sales performance and sales productivity are key metrics to be improved continuously.   Many data points are relevant, e.g. results of your current initiatives, adjusted roadmaps, latest trends in the industry, and specific sales challenges and how they are addressed in other organizations.  The Sales Performance and Productivity Study (SPPS) is focused on sales operations, sales enablement, sales training and sales technology. The findings of the SPPS will help you to understand those sales productivity core themes and trends, as well as the related ​investments trends.  Furthermore, the findings will help you with data to support your strategic planning in your organization, regarding trends, scope and investment priorities. 

Sales Performance Meter

​​How does your organization compare to the top 25 activities and metrics from the Miller Heiman Sales Best Practices Study? Find out with this quick online survey.  Immediately upon completing the brief survey, you will receive a personalized report that compares your responses to World-Class Sales Organizations from the Miller Heiman Sales Best Practices Study. There is no obligation for this service.   ​Your responses will remain confidential, so please be honest in the information you provide. The accuracy of your report will depend on your responses to these questions.

Sales Best Practices Study

The annual Miller Heiman Group Sales Best Practices Study identifies the behaviors and attributes essential for achieving World-Class Sales Performance.  This Study has earned a distinction as the largest continuous research project dedicated to complex, business to-business selling and sales management best practices in the world.  Every year for the past twelve years, the Miller Heiman Group Research Institute has surveyed sales professionals – executives, leaders and representatives – to better understand the best practices that contribute most significantly to achieving superior growth in key sales performance metrics including account acquisition, customer retention, and revenue.

Decoding the Decision Dynamic is the theme of the findings of the 2015 Miller Heiman Group Sales Best Practices Study.  Each year, analysis of the study reveals the behaviors that are driving World-Class Sales Performance in today's global business-to-business selling environment.