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​Stay up to date with all the current recruiting advice, guidance and tips from the leading industry experts.

Sales Performance Tips

Miller Heiman Sales Performance Tips offer practical advice to help sales professionals produce greater results from their selling activities.

Sales Best Practices

​Get insights into the best practices in complex, business-to-business selling from the 2016-CSO-Insights-Sales-Best-Practices-Study​.

Sales Performance Spotlight

An excellent resource designed to help you use research to make better selling and sales management decisions. The Spotlight features interesting points from the annual Miller Heiman Sales Best Practices Study as well as data, charts, and accompanying insights from Miller Heiman executives about what these findings can mean for your sales performance.

Does your sales team have what it takes to compete and excel in today's market?  Gone are the days when making a couple of calls a day translated into succeeding in the sales profession.   What your Sales Team needs is an aggressive set of sales tools, techniques and technologies to be successful.  SPI can provide your sales staff with that edge. 

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