​​​A small initial fee means your search gets the attention it deserves from professionals with strong retained search backgrounds.  Nothing else is due until you've hired someone.  It’s that simple...We believe in transparency, so we post our fees upfront


Fixed Fee:  $25,000

Mini-Retainer:  $5,000

Frontline Sales Managers:

Fixed Fee:  $20,000

Mini-Retainer:  $4,000

Complex B2B Sales Professionals:

Fixed Fee:  $15,000

Mini-Retainer:  $3,000

Transactional Sales Professionals:

Fixed Fee:  $12,500

Mini-Retainer:  $2,500

What is Retingency Search

What Does it Cost to Engage SPI?

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What Kind of Time Commitment Does SPI Require From Your Hiring Manger?

​​We minimize the amount of time we request from hiring managers. All in, we’ll need about 3 hours of your time during the first 4 weeks of the hiring process (before the interviews). We need about 2 hours for the initial meeting, about an hour a week later to review a few candidate profiles and to approve the recruiting message. Then we won’t need much of your time until the interviews. 

How Long Will the Search Take?

​​The advantage of having a predictable recruiting process is being able to answer questions like this simply, and without saying, "Well, it depends..." If your search fits neatly into one of our most common search profiles, you can find out how long it will take from your first meeting with us, until your job offer is accepted. Throw in two to four weeks so your new hire can give notice to their current employer, and you'll know their start date.

CSO/EVP/SVP/VP/NSM of Sales Searches:  7 to 8 weeks

Frontline Sales Manager Searches:  5 to 6 weeks

Sales Professional Searches:  4 to 5 weeks

B2B Sales Recruiting FAQs

​​Both retained searches and contingency searches have their pluses and minuses. We've taken the best aspects of both and combined them into a hybrid Retingency. We offer the urgency of contingency searches with the professionalism of retained searches. ​